Competitive Strength

Customer experience focused: The Subgroup is set to improve people’s lifestyles, so the focus since day one is on creating a good client experience. The Subgroup's paramount priority is client satisfaction without compromise. There are many long-term clients as well as repeats.

A Complete ecosystem: The Subgroup’s goods and services cover leisure, work, and home living. The leisure side of the business includes food and wine while the work side includes co-working space. Service apartments and storage fulfill the need for quality home living.

Strong support with real assets: The Subgroup operates its business at over 30 venues in Hong Kong and Korea with a substantial number of the premises being self-owned by the Group. That delivers stability and freedom from the risk of rental increases.

Strong management team: The Subgroup was established over 10 years ago while Star Group started even earlier in 1998. The Group has cultivated a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who looks after different lines of businesses and functions. That is important for the smooth and consistent running of the company in providing comfort and confidence.