About Us

Metropolitan Lifestyle Subgroup (“Metro Lifestyle”) aims at creating an ecosystem to enrich lifestyles through providing high-quality, stylish, and affordable services and products for clients. Established in 2010, the Subgroup has gradually grown to cover different related lifestyle sectors including co-working, serviced apartment & co-living, storage & moving, fine wine & wine storage, restaurants, and farm as well. It has also set foot in the entertainment industry in concert production, film & video production, events, advertisement, etc. These services and products are independent businesses on their own but at the same time, they are highly complementary to the Star Properties Subgroup’s activities.

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OUR Business

Our Commitments

The Star Group believes that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind every business success. Started out as an entrepreneurial pursuit, the Group has grown since its establishment in 1998. The Group continues to look for talented staff, passionate and enthusiastic partners, and business counterparts that have similar vision. The commitment to entrepreneurship is not only limited to the Group’s own activities but extend to the business community.

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